Chris Daniels

PodBasics and Yin Teacher

Yoga saved my life. It was a gift given to me by my teacher and I now have a passion to pass that gift on to others. Five years ago I was in terrible shape. I was overweight, self-conscious about my body, and was heading down a terrible road that was compromising my health and general well being. I like to say yoga found me and transformed my life completely. I have lost a total of 75 pounds, changed my diet, and found happiness with my body and with self that I didn’t think was possible. I have found a personal strength and fortitude, a deeper sense of peace and calmness in my life, and a greater appreciation for my health and wellness. I attribute my success to my regular practice of yoga. Through yoga I have become more embodied, my attitude toward life has changed, and my relationships with those around me have become more fulfilling and rewarding. I received my training, two and half years ago, through master teachers Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini at Maya Yoga, where I learned to make yoga a sustainable practice that one can follow their entire life. I love to create a safe and supportive environment while infusing humor to keep our practice light and bright.