Ann Cazalot


Yoga and I first found each other in NYC. I was working a thankless job where image and connections mattered most. My practice allowed me to become grounded and calmed in a city that never stops moving.
When I moved to London in 2007 with my husband, I felt I had lost my identity. Unable to work and having only a few friends, yoga lead the way to happiness. My practice allowed me to be present and release my former life. It also provided me with a wonderful community and fantastic friends. I decided it was time to give back to myself and my community. I became a certified yoga teacher in2009 through TriYoga, London.
Upon returning to NYC in 2010, I furthered my learnings with another 200 hour training at Sonic Yoga and also became certified in pre and post natal yoga.
In 2015, my husband, twins and I moved to Reno only knowing a few people. My first yoga class in town again proved how beautiful, inviting and supportive the yoga community can be.
When I teach, it is not to impress. It is to have a true sense of connection but most importantly, it is to leave with a smile on one’s face.