Roseann Langlois

PodFit/PodBarre Teacher

I first discovered yoga as a college student and fitness instructor—the mat is where I went to stretch my overworked body and mind and just chill. Decades later, I returned to the mat to find peace, solace and self-love during a very difficult time. I also discovered Pilates and Barre—and was blown away by the dramatic transformations I saw in my fellow students’ bodies and spirits. I wanted to be a part of that, and give back to the yoga community all of the love, peace and inner and outer strength it has given me. I love teaching Barre—the music, the movement, THE BURN and the feeling of accomplishment are unparalleled. It is truly an honor to be a part of any student’s fitness journey, and I strive to make everyone feel welcome, capable and proud. When I’m not in the yoga room, I like to run, ride and write, and most of all, hang out with my two awesome kids.