Theresa Simmons

PodBarre Teacher, Yin Teacher, PodRestore Teacher

When I am not teaching I love connecting with my creative self making things;witnessing and encouraging others finding their passion; and connecting with the creativity of the earth and nature and how it expresses itself. Balancing this creative side I embrace self study, education, shifting, changing, and co creating with spirit in accomplishing myself into a loving and compassionate person. Self study sucks because looking at the s8@t (fears, family, societal brainwashing, and habits) which had created the person I was, has refined me into the being I am today. Rude awakenings and gentle change have brought me to this path at this moment in time, to a place of developing self love, acceptance, and compassion of myself as I strengthen my mind/body and aligning with my spirits purpose in life which is “LOVE”.