Angie Fraley

Yoga Program Director
Hometown: Reno, NV

My love of yoga started about 15 years ago while pregnant with my first child. I felt a freedom in my body at a time when it was most restricted. My teachers guided me to experience the connection between the mind, the body, and breath that allowed me to dissolve the optional stress that I had placed on myself. After diving into a 500 hour year long Advanced Yoga Study and multiple other training programs, I began to teach in 2009 to share the gift that I had been given.
I love the challenge of understanding individual needs of students bodies and how to incorporate the other aspects of yoga that lead them closer to the stillness they seek to relieve stress. I love looking for ways to guide students back to the present moment and encourage classroom practice into daily living where the ordinary turns into extraordinary. I’m passionate about people, yoga, my home town of Reno, and the combination of them all together to form community. I hope that I personally get to meet each and every one of you who step through the door!